S.T.A.R. Kit


When you are supporting someone on a daily basis, you are learning about them all the time; finding out what works well for them and what doesn’t. However, all too often this knowledge stays with you as there is no system for passing it on to others. The Learning log tool is a way of recording this vital information so that it can be shared with others and acted upon.

Firstperson Services S.T.A.R. System kits help you to use your team meetings to focus on one particular tool and practice using it, getting feedback and encouragement on their progress in using the Person Centered Thinking skills that they learned in the Introductory workshop. One approach is to decide which person-centered thinking tool is the priority for your team to be competent and confident in and focus there. Some team managers look at one tool per month.

30-Minute S.T.A.R. Kit Staff Meeting Agenda:

  1. After you SUMMARIZE the skill (5 minutes)
  2. Choose a video from this course to present and TRAIN (10 minutes)
  3. Then have either a small group conversation or set up pairs of staff for the conversation ACTIVITY using the Conversation Questions provided (10 minutes)
  4. Finally, allow time for silent REFLECTION using reflection sheet. You can find this on the next slide or download using the link in the Conversation Starter document (5 minutes)


Roy Gerstenberger Recorded Webinar Presenter

PCT Mentor Trainer Credentialed with The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices

  • Material that you need for your team meeting, including access to a recorded instructional webinar on Learning Logs, Learning Log template, Conversation Questions and the S.T.A.R. Reflection Sheet


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