S.T.A.R. Kit


Having others know about your unique way of responding and engaging with the world goes a long way to insuring that you have choice and control in your life. People who provide good support to someone else learns about those unique ways and shares that knowledge with others through a Communication Chart. In that way, good support builds over time and the burden experienced by the person to "teach" new staff is reduced. Everyone communicates, but not everyone uses words.

  • Communication Charts are simple and powerful ways to describe how someone communicates with their behavior, body language, gestures and facial expressions.
  • They describe what we mean when we do certain things and how you can respond in an empathetic and supportive way.
  • When we pay attention to how someone else communicates, their way of communication often becomes more complex, powerful and richer.

Firstperson Services S.T.A.R. System kits help you to use your team meetings to focus on one particular tool and practice using it, getting feedback and encouragement on their progress in using the Person Centered Thinking skills that they learned in the Introductory workshop. One approach is to decide which person-centered thinking tool is the priority for your team to be competent and confident in and focus there. Some team managers look at one tool per month. 

30-Minute S.T.A.R. Kit Staff Meeting Agenda: 

  1. After you SUMMARIZE the skill (5 minutes) 
  2. Choose a video from this course to present and TRAIN (10 minutes) 
  3. Then have either a small group conversation or set up pairs of staff for the conversation ACTIVITY using the Conversation Questions provided (10 minutes) 
  4. Finally, allow time for silent REFLECTION using reflection sheet. You can find this on the next slide or as a download by clicking this link. (5 minutes)


Roy Gerstenberger Webinar Presenter

Credentialed Mentor Trainer with The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices, Ambassador Series Online Coach for Charting the LifeCourse

  • Includes a 15-minute instructional video, S.T.A.R. Reflection Sheet and Communication Chart template


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